Customs Brokerage

Our Story

Reliability - Safety - On-Time - Cost-Saving


We are a licensed customs broker representing you (importer/exporter)  in your dealings with customs authorities .

  • Wide knowledge

    Eiffel’s team has a deep knowledge of materials essence and customs procedures, making  the payment and documents issuing fast.

  • Completion On Time

    We know well how to make it in times

  • Perfect Implementation

    We are abide by authority security measures and cargo security to execute the customs perfectly.

  • Affordable Prices

    Competitive rates of customs services


Our Services

  -  Customs inspection

  -  Import/export documentation

  -  Import, export and in-transit declarations

  -  Cost-effectiveness and a precise duties-payment process


We Provide The Best Logistics Services

Reliability - Safety - On-Time - Cost-Saving