Eiffel Logistics-Yemen Proposes Sea Train

Eiffel Logistics: Taiz-Yemen

Eiffel Logistics always cares to provide professional logistics services ensuring a better future for people, communities and business, through doing its best job and also facilitating cargos shipping to people in need worldwide. Therefore, It’s worked hard on preparing a study spotting the barriers- specifically in Yemen- delaying the cargo arrival, and providing the best solution to overcome them. The study included many axis, such as risks identification , global inspection barriers for cargoes heading to Yemen, and totally revolutionary idea of making modern ships. The last is about a proposal to be submitted to international bodies including Chinese and Indian authorities having heavy ships traffic, making use of the invention of Sea Train made of many separable joint small ships that can be released or joined when arriving at different destinations (ports) worldwide، while the mother vessel keeping moving to its final destination without docking for loading and unloading, only a little time for automated joining and releasing in the international water. This idea will hugely cut the transit time and shipping cost, in addition to solving many issues relevant to docking traffic and measures.

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